Putting away your stuffed animals

After spending most of our childhood with these small or large stuffed animals, it's time to find a place to store them. Because if buying a stuffed animal is just a click or a visit to the toy store, putting them away can be a much more complicated affair. And if, like us when you were younger and loved the new stuffed animals in trend, you must not have much space left in your room. That's why we've come up with a few tips to help you store your stuffed animals. Follow these tips and your room will be like new with a few stuffed animals on the side to keep an eye on you!

huge lion plush

Here are some tips for storing your stuffed animals:

There are different types of stuffed animal storage, and their purpose is to prevent your plushies from gathering dust over time. In many of our tips, you will need a wooden board or rubber bands to hold them. Of course this is in the case where you find yourself with a multitude of stuffed animals to store.

The plush wall

The plush wall is probably the most comical trick we can present to you. To build this wall, you'll probably need two long strips of fabric about 15 to 20 cm long, as well as several children's underpants, you can always replace it with something else that looks like it, like pieces of fabric.

plush on wall

Attach the fabric strips to the wall, we don't recommend doing this with screws even though the lint weighs a feather, it may damage your fabric. Try attaching them to the wall with other means, such as glue or thumbtacks, which can also do the trick. After placing them on the wall, do the same thing with the fabric balls you prepared. When you cut or attach them, make sure that the length of the fabric is big enough to fit a stuffed animal or an elephant comforter. We advise you to make two types, one side for your small teddy bears and the other for your plush a little larger as the giant teddy bears. After these two steps, slide your teddy bear up to their arm if it's a teddy bear, or else slide it up until it can be held in the fabric. You can choose different colors for the fabric that will hold the plush, it can be seen as a decorative object.

The animal plush cage

stuffed animal cage

As we mentioned earlier, you will need materials, but our tips will still come back cheaper than buying one and will be more fun to make as a family. Take 6 planks of wood, from this one, take two and cut them into 4. This will serve for the top and bottom of the cage. Then attach the rubber bands that you have provided, connect them from top to bottom. After this, you can usually see that it looks like an expandable cabinet, perfect for holding all your stuffed animals! Indeed, the elastic bands allow you to gather multiple stuffed animals, big or small, everything fits in this custom made wardrobe! You can then buy new teddy bears without fear of not knowing where to put them!

The shelf of stuffed animals

The ceiling of the children's room is normally relatively high, that's why we suggest you store your stuffed animals directly towards the sky. Your children will be able to see them even while lying on their bed, a way for the stuffed animals to keep an eye on them.

The shelf of stuffed animals

The cuddly toy shelf is more like a high shelf, but this is especially for them. Make it along the wall, that is to say the width of your room to be sure to have enough places for all your childhood companions. Unlike the shelf, the cuddly toy shelf is made of a part with barriers to prevent the stuffed animals from falling. And even if the idea of separating you from your stuffed animals in order to donate them to an association or to resell them, which can happen when you grow up, this step that was filled with your stuffed animals can be used in the future for your books!

The stuffed animal swing

For this one, you'll need several long strings as well as some wooden strips.

the stuffed animal swing

This trick will allow you to store your stuffed animals against the wall, on the back of your door or in your closet. Attach the strings to the wall with the wooden pieces attached to the strings. Let the whole thing unroll down. And just like with the plush wall, you can comfortably install your blanket in any shape on this makeshift swing! Simple and fast, the price is not high so there is no need to buy it, since you can make it yourself.

You know now how to display your stuffed animal !

These few tips will allow you to proudly display your children's stuffed animals in a simple and effective way, no matter how many there are. Some of our tips to store your stuffed animals can always be used in the future for other purposes, despite that, it is always good to keep some stuffed animals with us not to lose contact with our childhood and always keep this part of child and euphoria in us.