It was on April 30, 2019, that a huge teddy bear measuring more than 65 feet, or almost 20 meters long, that took more than three months to be sewn in Mexico was dubbed the world's largest teddy bear by Guinness World Records.

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What is the biggest stuffed animal in the world ?

And yes, a teddy bear of this size needs a lot of stuffing. So it makes sense that this XXL plush is both the largest and the biggest in the world.

A Guinness referee spent more than five hours measuring the 4.4-ton plush in a soccer stadium in the city of Xonacatlan and confirmed that it was bigger and fatter than the previous record.
Residents who spent more than three months sewing the bear together, named it Xonita to recall the name of the city.

biggest stuffed animal in the world

The bear was measured and certified as part of the "City Kids Day" festivities. The officials shared a photo of the Guinness certificate on the official Facebook page of the local government. A great pride for this Mexican city.

Why do you want to beat the record of the biggest plush?

For the record, Xonacatlán, the Mexican city that broke the record is "the capital of teddy bears". The reason? 500 teddy bear manufacturers are installed in this city.

Thus to make known the city, their activity and to attract more tourists, the town hall presented this big teddy bear "Xonita". It took more than 600 people to make it.

The previous record of the largest teddy bear

The previous record was confirmed in 2008 in Kansas, Missouri. It was Dana Warren who was behind this giant teddy bear that measured about 17 meters. It was named "C.T.Dreams", which means Connect The Dreams.

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biggest plush in the world

When will this new record be broken? How many meters will it be? So many questions and answers that we can't wait to discover!
One thing is sure, we will keep you informed if Xonita gets dethroned as the biggest plushie in the world.
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