Delivery & Order

Processing your order, manufacturing the products, and delivering them (free of charge) takes our team a maximum of 10 to 20 business days. We work to the best of our ability to ensure that your order is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Satisfaction of our customers is an indispensable thing for us. That's why we provide 100% free delivery.

The purpose of secure delivery is to provide tracking of your order to keep an eye on your package. It also ensures action on our part (gift card, promotion, ...) if it turns out that you are not satisfied.

You may receive your items separately. Indeed if you order several items at the same time, it is possible that they arrive one by one. This happens depending on our available stocks in our different warehouses.

Don't worry, your package will arrive shortly!

Security & Payment


We guarantee both simplicity and speed. That's why you can pay via Credit card but also via Paypal.

Your bank details or credit card information will not be shared with us under any circumstances.

As you can see from your browser's search bar, our site uses the "HTTPS" protocol, different from "HTTP". This "S" therefore stands for "Secure" and is a guarantee of quality for any business site that wishes to offer the best for its customers. The SSL certificate is therefore present and visible by a small green padlock on your browser, and it therefore testifies to the quality of our services.

Without the presence of HTTPS, all the data you enter on a site will be sent in plain text format and will, therefore, be vulnerable to interception and spying.
To avoid this we have therefore opted for maximum security of our website because, who says secure site, says safe customer.

Other questions

In this case please contact us directly via our contact page and our team will answer you as soon as possible:Contact us

There are no "dumb" questions, we answer all inquiries so don't hesitate!